About us

We are BAM

We imagine, create and enrich buildings and infrastructure across the UK & Ireland. For over 150 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing lives by creating sustainable environments and communities where people can live, work and thrive.

Our vision is to build a sustainable tomorrow. That’s why we think beyond the build and focus on the bigger impact. It’s how we make the iconic buildings and infrastructure that shape our society.  

Restless in our pursuit of better, we work collaboratively with our partners to unlock what’s possible, together. That's because we believe in actions, not words.

And that’s why we’re on a mission to make possible.


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Target date to achieve net zero carbon

Royal BAM Group

As part of Royal BAM Group, one of the largest construction and civil engineering groups in Europe, we are a growing multi-billion-euro business. Guided by strong values, we partner with ambitious clients who share our vision and are excited by its potential. Together, our determination helps break new ground, drives real social impact and futureproofs communities. 

Working with clients who share our vision

We make a commitment to everyone we work with. No matter how complex, we always find the right solution. Our reputation for reliability has been earned through excelling in what we do best. Backed by our specialist expertise, we explore every possibility and overcome any challenge with ingenuity and ownership.

Our target to become net zero by 2026 and deliver 35% social value on every project by 2026, shows our industry leading sustainability mindset. And to stay in the lead – we put an emphasis on inclusivity. Because our differences make us stronger. We work collaboratively with our partners to unlock what’s possible. Real industry innovation. Championing modern methods of construction, and making a positive impact in a leaner, greener and more efficient way than ever before.

BAM. Making Possible.

Our strategy  

In February 2021, we launched our new strategy 'building a sustainable tomorrow’ to help define our future. It's shaped to serve our stakeholders, employees, clients, partners, suppliers and the communities we work in. 

Our strategy outlines how we will evolve, progress, become more profitable and unleash our potential. To continue building a sustainable foundation from which we can thrive, we’re focused on the following key themes: 

  • People at our core 
  • Operational excellence 
  • Broadening our business 
  • Sustainability 
  • Financial resilience 


Our values

At BAM, we are united by our values. They sit at the heart of what we do – from how we innovate – to how we interact. 

It is these values that lay the foundations for our success:

  • We are Reliable – we deliver what we promise with a focus on quality
  • We are Inclusive – we seek out new perspectives take inspiration from inclusion
  • We are Sustainable – we are all responsible for building a sustainable tomorrow and it drives us forward
  • We are Collaborative – we listen and include communities, colleagues, clients and supply chain in our decisions because together we thrive
  • We take Ownership – because we know that great outcomes start with taking responsibility and pride in our work
BAM Values