Apprenticeships are the best of both worlds – earn and learn!

Alana Carey has recently completed quantity surveying apprenticeship with us. In this blog she explains how she found an apprenticeship to be the best option to set her up for a successful future career.   


When deciding what to do after high school, it was important to me that I could learn on the job. I wanted to gain experience while gaining my degree. I really felt that this would be a much more advantageous way of working - and it has been.  

During my apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying, I’ve gained the same degree as a full-time student but I’ve had four years of work experience and have earned a wage throughout. Completing my degree through an apprenticeship meant I could take what I learned at uni and put into practice. 

While on-site, I learned about the whole construction process and how different trades work together. My site experience taught me about the many different materials and technologies that are used on site which I was not familiar with prior. Another huge bonus is meeting and working with colleagues who have supported me throughout my studies.  

Scottish Apprentice Week - BAM

While working as an apprentice on site, I do feel like part of the team, working alongside site managers, structural engineers and the project manager on a daily basis. It’s such a great learning experience and one which can’t be replicated unless you’re on site getting the experience. One of the most important lessons is understanding how everyone works together to ensure the job is completed on time and within budget. 

In terms of the job itself, I love that I’m involved in a project from the tender stage through to project completion.  When working on a live project no two days are the same and I enjoy being involved with many different aspects of the job such as working with the client and the subcontractors, I feel like I am contributing to BAM’s success. 

I would recommend an apprenticeship at BAM to anyone and I would recommend doing a graduate apprenticeship in general over full time uni. It makes such a difference being able to work the job which you are studying for and have a team full of colleagues supporting you along the way. Now I’ve completed my apprenticeship I have a role at BAM ready for me and I can’t wait to continue developing my career.