Unleashing Potential: The transformative power of apprenticeships

Lyle Morgan, Apprenticeship Manager at BAM, is passionate about changing the way we think about early career paths. In this blog, she talks about starting her career as an apprentice and the life-changing impact apprenticeships can have.


Apprenticeships are a vital way of building future talent and bridging the skills gap within the UK, something which is especially important within the construction industry. But more than that, they offer young people a fantastic pathway into the world of work, and the chance to build the career of their dreams.  

Picture this - a young, eager Lyle, navigating the crossroads of education and the world of work. School and academic learning didn't quite spark the fire for me, so instead I took a chance on an apprenticeship.

This alternative learning approach fueled my passion for hands-on experiences, setting me on a journey through various industries, from technology to business services, to where I find myself now in construction.

Fast forward to today, and I’m lucky enough to work as an Apprenticeship Manager, helping other young people to start their apprenticeship journey.  

I've had the privilege of witnessing incredible life-changing stories and transformations – the kind that apprenticeships breathe into individuals. It's not just about earning and learning, it's about unlocking doors to opportunities that can reshape lives.

Dive into the world of apprenticeships

An apprenticeship isn't just a job, it's an opportunity to earn while soaking in valuable on-the-job experience. You get the best of both worlds - theoretical learning and practical experience.

Imagine spending 20% of your time in the classroom, soaking up knowledge. The rest of your time you’ll work alongside experienced professionals, on real construction and engineering projects, getting on-the-job training and putting your knowledge into practice.

The result? A qualification equivalent to GCSEs, A levels, or even a bachelor's or master's degree!

The apprenticeship roadmap

These are the different apprenticeship levels:

  • Intermediate (Level 2): Equivalent to GCSE
  • Advanced (Level 3): A stepping stone akin to A levels
  • Higher (Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7): Venture into the realms of foundation degrees and beyond
  • Degree (Levels 6 and 7): Aim for the stars with a bachelor's or master's degree


More than just construction and engineering

BAM doesn’t only offer technical construction and engineering-led apprenticeships. We also have a wide range of non-technical apprenticeships:

1. Trade apprenticeships: From construction to engineering, you’ll hone hands-on skills to help us build a sustainable tomorrow.

2. Digital apprenticeships: Navigating the digital landscape, you’ll focus on IT and software development.

3. Data apprenticeships: You’ll be equipped with the skills needed for effective data analysis and management.

4. Admin apprenticeships: a structured pathway where you’ll develop office-based skills and gain experience across the different operational functions which help an organisation to thrive.

Ready to ignite your career?

If the thought of a transformative apprenticeship has captured your interest, click here or drop an email to earlycareersuk@bam.com. Your journey starts now!


About the author

Lyle Morgan

Lyle Morgan

Apprenticeship Manager


Lyle is an Apprenticeship Manager at BAM UK & Ireland.

Lyle joined BAM in 2024, having worked in apprenticeships and early careers for the last 10 years, across a variety of sectors.

Lyle started her own career as an apprentice in Business Administration. She is passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion.