The construction industry needs more visible LGBTQ+ role models to drive change BAM survey finds

A recent survey by BAM found that 47% of respondents don’t think that the construction sector is an accepting industry for the LGBTQ+  community to work in. The findings also demonstrated that there is a need for more visible role models in our industry, with 41% saying this is important. Finally, 58% believe that managers and colleagues have an important role to play in tackling non-inclusive behaviour.  

The survey was conducted by BAM to celebrate Pride and encourage conversations around inclusion and identity, focusing on the areas the industry needs to address. The survey consisted of three separate LinkedIn polls, which ran during Pride month where over 700 people voted. 

Ken Leitch

Ken Leitch, UK & Ireland Communications Director & Executive Sponsor of BAM’s LGBTQ+ Colleague Inclusion Network, said:

“Construction, along with many other sectors, still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusion, which these findings clearly show. At BAM we are deeply committed to building an inclusive business where everyone feels welcome, and how you identify should not matter.”  

“Encouraging openness and conversations about inclusion is an important part of that journey. 
It’s our responsibility as a business and as managers and colleagues, to create an environment where everyone feels safe to bring their true self to work.”