BAM Energy designs, installs, operates and finances renewable energy generation systems, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and energy storage systems. We support clients on their journey to net zero, helping you reduce your emissions for new or existing buildings. And we do this by working at the forefront of new and emerging energy-related technologies. 

15 MWh's

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Energy procured from green sources (REGO)

Over 7 million

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Readings are analysed annually from utility meters 

130 MWh

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Generated from a typical PV array per year


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Electricity savings from LED

Helping businesses reach net zero 

BAM is a member of the UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero which supports the UK construction and property sector to meet the emissions reductions required under the Paris Climate Agreement. Our specialists work closely with our construction teams to deliver coordinated installations which fit seamlessly into your construction programme. 

Delivering energy finance proposals 

As an alternative to traditional capital cost plans, we can offer you financing proposals in the form of Energy Supply Contracts (ESCo). This means the cost for the renewable energy installation is omitted from the construction cost plan. Instead, you enter an Energy Supply Contract with us to purchase the power or heat generated by the new energy systems. 

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