Social Value

At BAM, we strive to strengthen communities and transform lives in the places where we work. This is how we contribute to wider growth and prosperity in the local area, and leave a lasting legacy. But we don’t just design, build and maintain buildings and infrastructure. We live, work, and play in them too, because we're part of the communities we create. 

We're committed to delivering a minimum of 15% social value added across all our projects. We want to help our clients understand the long-term impact of their programmes on people and the planet, that's why we're developing Lifecycle Impact Data. By working at the forefront of progressive procurement, we invest in and support the development and growth of local supply chains and social businesses. 


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Of local community investment 


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Social value added on each project 


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Lives enhanced through STEM engagement activities

Over 200

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Employees trained as wellbeing champions 

Our Social Value Strategy

Our purpose is to create sustainable environments that enhance people's lives, and this is reflected in our values, ethos, and daily actions. We listen to our clients and our communities, and we co-create social value programmes which build community wealth. 

Our Social Value Strategy is underpinned by three key themes which align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). These are: 

  • Social Mobility 
  • Social Inclusion 
  • Foundational Economy 
Social Value - BAM